Are these apts. for guys and girls?
Yes. There are guys and girls apartments but none are co-ed.
What is included in my rent?
Water, sewer, garbage, Internet
Do I have to pay for gas and electricity?
Yes the tenants are responsible for gas and electricity. The apt manager will help you set up the utilities in your name.
Is there reserved parking?
No. There is enough parking for each person to park their vehicle but there is no reserved parking.
How far away is the apt from SUU campus?
Its a half a mile away.
Is there a grocery store nearby?
Yes, Smiths is two blocks away.
What kind of internet is provided?
Fiber Wireless internet from South Central.
Are the apts. furnished?
We furnish all the major appliances in the kitchen.
How many people can live in each apt?
As few as 3 and as many as 6.
Is smoking or drinking alcohol okay at the apts?
Can friends sleepover at the apt?
Is the rent due each semester or each month?
The rent is due each month or all upfront.
Can I just sign up for one semester?
No. The contract goes from the fall to the end of the spring semester. There is also a summer contract available.

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